Intro "Hurrr..." and other variations
Type Chaser
Signs of nearing Reversed Engineer Quotes
Origin Engineer havin' a good time
Map(s) Randomized
Theme song Servant Grunt Theme
Vagineer Theme V2
Partners Vagineer variants
Stunnable? Yes

Vagineer is a boss in Slender Fortress.


Vagineers are a mysterious variety of Engineer Monsters. They speak in "Vaginese", their own unique language that mostly consists of an Engineer's voice lines in reverse, with a few exceptions like "Gottam!", and they are typically ill mannered toward others. Most Vagineers often kill and devour their victims violently and horribly, but sometimes they are friendly and docile. Some have been known to lend a helping hand in times of need, but they are easily offended and do not take lightly to insults.

All Vagineers have in common their Engineer body and their distinctly malformed faces, which are streched downwards to the point of vaguely resembling a female human's genitals. This characteristic is where the species got their name from.

They appear in several colours and wear various hats. Some of them even have the Gunslinger equipped. They speak Vaginese, a language that resembles a backwards English, but its meaning is actually completely different.

In Slender FortressEdit

Vagineer is pretty much like Servant Grunt, it is hard to lose him and hide from him once he spots you. However, as long as you stay hidden, he is a fairly easy boss. This is further enforced because he takes a few hits before killing you and he can be temporarily stunned by meleeing him.


  • "Hurrrrrr!"
  • "rrrrrruH?"
  • "Haimalooo! (tuo me' evoM!)"
  • "Ooooooooooooooob!"
  • "Gottam!"
  • "Mattog!"
  • "sey kceH!"
  • "on kceH!"
  • "epoN! (Sounds similar to "Wut")"
  • "nocab 'nikam... eeeeeeeewooooooooH!"
  • "yvarg maerC!
  • "eneri thgindoog, hO!"
  • "yssis, ereh emoC!"
  • "thgir t'nia tsuj tahT!"
  • "yob, 'niyarp tratS!"
  • "yrtnes ham 'nippas hapS!"
  • "resnepsid ham 'nippas hapS!"
  • "retropelet ham 'nippas hapS!"
  • "resnepsid a 'nitcerE!"
  • "Allef 'lil, detanimoD!"
  • "nos, elttem ham tset t'noD!"
  • "nos, ylurt srouy morf s'tahT!"
  • "eeeoooW!
  • "ylgu er'ouy ...gniht rehtona dnA!"
  • "hctibavonos ay, naem enirevlow m'I!"
  • "rettauqs a sekil ydoboN!"
  • "ecaf diputs ruoy ffo thgir kool bmud taht wolb annog m'I, noS!"
  • "krow fo eceip enif a saw ereht tahT!"
  • "teg ay tahw s'tahT!"
  • "ytrohs, nam a ekil ti ekaT!"
  • "mattogmattogmattogmattoG!"
  • "norom a fo eutats a 'nitcerE!"


  • Vagineer's animation share the same as Servant Grunt despise having his jaw stretched.