The Thing
The Things
Intro A loud yell/screech, similar to The Horror, Trypophobia and Raptor's
Type Varies
Proxy Masters
Signs of nearing Groaning and a strange sounds
A low growling and a loud roar
Origin Who Goes There?/The Thing
Map(s) U.S. Outpost 31[1][2][3][4][5]
Theme song Varies (Such as The Rake's theme, the Suitor's theme and Half-Life/Black Mesa bosses' theme)
Partners Multiple Things
Stunnable? Yes/No

The Thing are a group of bosses that appeared on Slender Fortress.


The biology of The Thing is the same as the body it has replicated or is in the process of replicating. The Thing has the ability to reconstitute itself following immense damage, however it is vulnerable to fire since it destroys the creature at a cellular level. It is very tolerant of cold, placing itself in cryogenic stasis until found by unsuspecting victims. When changing form, it bursts open and allows a variety of strange and terrifying forms and bits of previously assimilated anatomy to form, such as: tentacles, insect-like limbs, eyes, teeth, claws, even faces, eventually re-arranging its cellular structure to mimic its desired shape. The Thing is also capable of continuing normal functions even when lacking eyes, ears, sense of smell or other ways of interacting with the environment.

In the 2011 prequel film The Thing, American paleontologist Kate Lloyd discovers the creature is unable to mimic inorganic material, when she finds a small pool of blood with metal fillings; surmising the creature spat them out when it assimilated its victim.

Any form of the Thing is capable of frightening amounts of strength, speed and stamina, such as the case with the Kennel Thing, which subdued and assimilated multiple sled dogs, and especially the Centipede-Thing, which overpowered Jonas in moments, despite the vast size difference.

In Slender FortressEdit

While the Thing wasn't modeled from the novels, movies or comics, they were utilized from the 2002 game, The Thing. It also includes TF2 custom models and gibs to make it resembles the Things that if any classes that has been assimilated by the Thing will turned into the Things. Here are the list of Things that appeared on Slender Fortress:

Things utilized from the gamesEdit

  • Scuttlers
  • Scuttler Pod
  • Walkers
  • Dog Beast
  • Imitation
  • Hangar Rupture
  • Furnace Rupture
  • Laboratory Rupture
  • Cloud B4 carrier (Whitley-Thing)

OC ThingsEdit

TF2 Custom Model ThingsEdit

  • Scout-Thing
  • Soldier-Thing
  • Pyro-Thing
  • Demoman-Thing
  • Heavy-Thing
  • Engineer-Thing
  • Medic-Thing
  • Sniper-Thing
  • Spy-Thing
  • Gibs-Thing

Crossover ThingsEdit

Pony ThingsEdit

  • Thingpone




The Proxy-Thing is an assimilated form of a RED/BLU member team. They are a proxy type enemy who hunt the RED team.