The Auditor
Auditor small
Intro None
Type Proxy Master
Signs of nearing Ghastly Sounds
Origin Madness Combat
Map(s) Any
Theme song Madness Combat 10: Aborgation - Main Theme
Partners Enhanced l33t agents and A.T.P engineers (Proxies)
Stunnable? No

The Auditor is a concept boss.


The Auditor comes from a Newgrounds animation series called Madness Combat, or just simply Madness. The Auditor makes it's first appearance in Madness Combat 7: Consteration, with it's latest appearance being in Madness Combat 10Aborgation. The Auditor is a shadowy being who has glowing red eyes and has powerful abilities. It's abilities is that it can pretty much spawn any weapon at will, go into this "ghost mode", "enhance" it's allies, and can suck up any dead character to gain more power. It's considered to be the major antagonist of the series, and is also said that the Auditor is probably one of the "Higher Powers", which are god-like entities.

In Slender FortressEdit

The Auditor acts like your typical Proxy Master boss, but this boss focuses on that the Auditor is more of a threat than the actual proxies. The Auditor is rather quick, has low-average persistency, and a powerful slash from it's katana (and maybe it's minigun, but nerfed to be only used as a health weakener). The Proxies are the "enhanced" A.A.H.W members, such as the l33t agents and the A.T.P engineers, these proxies do typical proxy damage, but they're uncommon to spawn, as already established, this boss wants the boss itself to be more of a threat than the actual proxies, the proxies are better off being roadblocks and finishers. Oh yeah, don't even try to stun the Auditor, even if it was stunnable, that katana would hit you faster than your melee could hit it.


  • It isn't stunnable because in the actual series, the Auditor doesn't seem to take any damage under normal circumstances, such as getting shot, the bullets just fly right through it.
  • The image used in the template came from the Madness Combat wiki on the Auditor's page.