Intro Terraria boss summoning SFX
Type Survival chaser
Signs of nearing the theme, glitchy noises
Origin Terraria Calamity mod
Map(s) any
Theme song
Partners N/A
Stunnable? Depends

THE LORDE is joke boss in the terraria calamity mod and a Boss concept by Blastertronus

Description Edit

THE LORDE was originally just a joke, but Fabsol, the creator of the mod, decided to add it in the game as a secret boss for fun. Its sprite is a heavily pixelated artistic rendition of Lord Yharim, an important figure in the Calamity Mod's lore, with googly eyes. THE LORDE is a parody of "extremely difficult" bosses that draw their difficulty from poorly implemented gimmicks or lazy design.

In slender fortress Edit

THE LORDE like the Face Specter is Nothing but a 2D sprite that moves around. it kills by shooting and by melee attacking. it is a chaser with an extremely high persistency and is a decent speed until he speeds up from chasing the player to the point he is barely outrunable.