Environment Descending blue-colored mist forest
Boss(es) SCP-860-2
Goals TBA
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SCP-860-1 is a map in Slender Fortress.


Somehow, the RED team has been employed into the SCP Foundation where they are tasked with filming their exploration of SCP-860-1, an endless flight of a small forest. After picking up SCP-860 by meleeing it, the team must travel through 15 flights of paths plagued with SCP-860-2. The path itself is linear with a few forks in the road along the way, with one of the paths leading to a dead end.

Eventually the RED team will reach the other door, but SCP-860-2 will constantly be stalking them throughout the entire area, so it is advised that the RED team keep an eye out for it.

BLU TeamEdit

The BLU team is the hallways of a Foundation site, and the PVP arena is a storage chamber.