Ratman is a retarded "meme" in Slender Fortress 2 that needs to die. some people even want this "thing" to be a boss, mainly so they'll get attention from the retarded fatass lard canadian, deadlycreature, who is a desperate manchild that lives in his mother's basement, is a weeaboo, and is obviously very rude, mainly due to the fact his parents never loved him as a child and beat him daily, he's also a pervert. yet, he says he's not serious, yeah next time he'll rage at some boss he doesn't like in sf2, like face spectre in glubbable's. face spectre was actually quite interesting, it may have been in a transparent alien grunt, but it's better than bullsquid (more like bullshit) or houndeye or "hatty". keep your fucking thoughts to yourself, bitch ass kid deadly, as you're definitely not good at doing constructive critism without resorting to using jokes and other asshole moves.


Ratman originated from some comment chain by mr creeps 5000 on deadly's "videos", it was pretty much just "ratman" or "it keeps commenting" or some bullshit. ex. it watches, ratman, ratty rattington, amputated ratman, etc etc. ever since, it became a stupid fad in SF2, where people put on that halloween rabbit head for the scout (not the max's severed head), those pitbull feet for the scout, and some other random cosmetic (also for scout). people would run around, saying "it watches", and stalking people with the "ratman" loadout and other dumb shit that makes the game virtually unplayable. these people are usually called "ratman cultists". in reality, most of them are literally a bunch of retarded little kids with asperger's syndrome, not all people who do the "ratman" loadout are bad, some just do it because they like how it looks, or it's their style, or they do it for FUN (and not getting manipulated by deadly), or even doing it as a mocking gag for deadly. people like koyomi or chillax, etc aren't like deadly, because THEY ACTUALLY HAVE A BRAIN. the bad thing is, this "ratman" thing is getting into SF2 maps as well, like slender_desecration, where there's a ratman scout crouching within the trees of one of the outside areas, which is a pointless add to a map. there's even a rig for ratman in SF2, but thankfully it isn't out... yet.

In Slender FortressEdit

people say he should be like a proxy master, but in my words, he should never become a SF2 boss, EVER. thing is, he is a boss, and he's a boss, because (most) of the "ratmans" lure the boss right into you, and you usually die, and it ends with them saying something dumb in the chat or mic, mostly "LOL" or "ded", or some other taunting phrase.


ratman appeared as the level 7 bot in glubbable's removed gamemode, player vs bot dodgeball. where he had the cosmetics and even the quotes (cringing yet?)

speaking of player vs bot dodgeball, when it was launched, it literally didn't even last barely a month before dying and getting removed, now we have saxton hale vs yetis (which will also die off certainly soon)

sorry glubbable, but you should stick to SF2, as you're better at that.