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Type Look and Run
Signs of nearing Quotes
Origin The MINE Fight
Map(s) Special boss
Theme song SCP-049 Chase

Detective Mario (Distorted)

Partners The Elements of Insanity
Stunnable? No

RariFruit is a boss in Slender Fortress.


Created when Rarity was possessed by the ghost of famous Gmodder RubberFruit, but the possession did not go as expected and instead their two souls fused into one. She wears a pink version of RubberFruit's military cap on her head. She is very self-centered, unpleasant and kleptomaniacal. She wields standard unicorn telekinesis and RubberFruit's full array of ridiculous abilities, such as the power to possess inanimate objects, and even turning her victims into chocolate bars, like Majin Buu. Using a powerful artifact known as the "Gauntlet of Greed", she can enhance her powers even further. Her leitmotif is a distorted version of the "Detective Mario" track from Paper Mario.

In Slender FortressEdit

RariFruit acts like SCP-049, she kills anyone regardless of class upon contact with her Greedy Grabbers from her Gauntlet of Greed. When chasing the player, her speed can be slightly decreased when someone is looking upon her. This makes it possible to keep her unalerted by couching past her out of sight. An experienced player who pays attention to his or her environment can hear her voice, indicating that she is nearby and can use this to their advantage and escape or hide before she spots them. Another good tactic is to stay alone or in small groups of at least no bigger than 2 instead of large ones since her one-hit lethal touch can quickly turn disastrous for players who are close together.


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