Outside World is a map in Slender Fortress.

Outside World
Environment Dark
Boss(es) Armored
Goals The Universe is in danger! Find the 12 Power Cores!


Ambience Resident Evil 5- Lost In Nightmares: Main Hall
Escape Music Resident Evil 5- Desperate Escape: Survival

Description Edit

Outside World is the opposing world in AWN. It was separated from The Universe by a magic barrier before being shattered by Emperor Drage. It is a dystopian dark realm in constant war with other worlds, starting the first Universal War.

In SF2, RED has to find the 12 power cores to power up the portal that leads back to The Universe. After the power cores are found, players have to survive 5 minutes before being teleported into the BLU spawn.

BLU Spawn Edit

The BLU Spawn is a recreation of the AWN Headquarters.