Intro "They're going to find you scattered all over the floor once I'm done with you."
Type Nightmare chaser
Signs of nearing Clanking feat, corrupted robotic dialogue
Origin Pavor Nocturnus
Map(s) any
City themed maps
Theme song Open Frenzy
Partners Juggernaut
Stunnable? No

Nox is both a Tf2 Concept NOT freak created by Xho and a Slender fortress Concept Boss created by Blastertronus

Description Edit

Nox was not a project intended for Pavor Nocturnus to fully complete after the diagnostics on the android's body proved to be unpredictable, and in some cases dangerously overbearing in comparison to the rest of the designs and operatives of the paramilitary organisation. As it was Pavor Nocturnus' intention to develop operatives to be on the field with a task unit or to cooperate with other operatives, Nox' predictions for being an individual in his own operations was a risk that Pavor Nocturnus took. Many of Pavor Nocturnus' scientists still consider Nox a mistake.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Nox is a nightmare charger whos extremely fast and can spot a player form across the map, through props and behind himself. He's also a nightmare chaser with an extremely high persistency and is a decent speed until he speeds up from chasing the player at high speeds to that of a speed of a scout, yet he can be slowed down by looking at him, but this comes at a cause as if you look at him, besides slowing him down, he will start firing energy blasts from his sword which can set the play on fire. He also Instants kill on touch and decapitates his victims on kill. He's is seen paired up with Juggernaut who is Ranged don't look and run boss.

Quotes Edit

Note: most of the quotes are technically medic robot responses in an extremely low pitch and corrupted.

Intro Edit

  • "They're going to find you scattered all over the floor once I'm done with you."

Idle Edit

  • Come out, Nothing vill happen to you. I svear!" (breathless laughter) "I can't...I"m going to kill you!" (more laughter)
  • "Zis... is unacceptable!"
  • "What the point of living if there's no hope left in this damn world?"
  • "(insane laughter)"
  • "Your NOTHING to us."
  • "You are trying my patience!"
  • "Ring around the Rosie, were the fuck are you aaat?"
  • "Schweinhunds."

Alert Edit

  • "Hello, Fräuleins!"
  • "I'm going to saw through your bones!"
  • "Come over here. I promise I won't kill you!"
  • "YOU!!"
  • How dare you oppose Overseer, YOU MUST DIE!

Chasing Edit

  • "Today!! I am God!"
  • The Overseer will be proud to see your head on his wall
  • "Its a beautiful day to DIE!"
  • "Get over here!!!"
  • "Give me your Face!"

On kill Edit

  • "You are... schtupid!"
  • "Ooh, very nice."
  • "Would you like a second opinion? You are also ugly!"
  • "Haha! Vat a bloodbath!" (if killed more than one player)
  • "(malevolent laughter)"
  • "Excellent!"

Trivia Edit

  • Nox is the Latin word for Night, which is derived from the Freak Nightmare Medic, where Nox himself takes his appearance from.
  • He was originally going to have the ability to spawn BLU team players in the form of the Various Members of Pavor Nocturnus to hunt RED Team, yet it was scrapped in favor of Overseer whos yet to be confirmed to be a boss.