Mutant Enderman
05 - hVH9yDZ
Intro Screaming
Type Giant Teleporting Chaser
Signs of nearing Breathing and scream
Origin Minecraft: Mutant Creatures Mod
Map(s) Any
Theme song Danger, Bob-omb! Danger!
Partners Mutant Enderman Duplicate
Stunnable? No

The Mutant Enderman is a boss in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

The Mutant Enderman is probably the most dangerous Mutant in this mod, but is thankfully neutral, like an Enderman. With a height of 5 blocks and 200 hearts of health, this four-armed fiend is not your average teleporting block-snatching monster. It strikes fear in its enemies with its piercing purple eyes, its imposing figure, and its ability to wreak havoc in your world. Mutant Endermen can frequently cause death to even the hardiest players.

In Slender Fortress Edit

The Mutant Enderman is a big boss that he insta-slaps you and you will be vaporized. When the Mutant Enderman teleports, it emits its Endersoul that produces a huge impact, knocking all mobs around it, while occasionally blinding them. Of course, if its hands are all free, the Mutant Enderman can use its basic melee attack with one of its four arms. Beware, because although the Mutant Enderman's inner arms deal 40 damage, its outer arms deal 50 of damage. The Mutant Enderman doesn't just teleport itself. It teleports you too. Its telesmash, bends you through space and time into the air, hitting you with 30 damage. Although the Mutant Enderman will increase its tendency to scream. Along with delivering the voice of Death himself, the Mutant Enderman's scream deals 20 damages from its impact. If you're lucky, you may individually avoid the scream's effects of major poisoning, lengthy weakness, crazy energy depletion, and troublesome static. However, if you're unlucky, this scream could kill you in seconds.

Gallery Edit