Judy Hopps
Intro Whispering (same as Emily.)
Type Don't Look & Run
Signs of nearing Shrieking, Hissing and Whispering
Origin Zootopia: I Will Survive
Map(s) Any
Theme song None
Partners An Judy duplicate
Stunnable? No

Judy Hopps is a boss in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

Judy Hopps is a ghostly apparition that haunts the Cliffside Asylum as well as the home in which she and her husband lived. She serves as a deuteragonist alongside the Patient, guiding him through the hospital as he fights his way through the paranormal activity that's overwhelmed the facility.

Little is known from Emily's history. However, hints and glimpses of it can be found mostly within the visions the player experiences throughout his journey. She was "married" to Nick Wilde for a certain period of time, but their relationship towards each other is never completely understood. Judy doesn't want the child. The two get into a heated argument that breaks up their relationship and Nick walks out on Judy. After that, she hung herself and commit suicide. Many years later, Cheif Bogo and the other cops had found a dead body hanging from the ceiling. Judy's parents were heartbroken and overwhelmed with sadness. In an attempt to revive her, the scientist only managed to bring back her spirit. Based from hallucinations that the Patient witnesses, it can be said that he had used his hallucination experiments on her to the point in where she committed suicide by hanging herself. The blood on her dress signals possible damage done to her in the visions she had, although whether or not the blood is actually hers is unknown.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Judy similarity behave like Emily, she has no model glow and is very difficult to see, she also has no chase music making it hard to tell if she's behind you or where she is, her sounds don't help either. Incredibly difficult to avoid Emily. She makes fleshy sounds when she walks and can attack in 2's. She will kill instantly by touch and is an extreme hazard to the RED team as situations could quickly turn disastrous if players are standing together in clump.

Her sounds are very confusing to tell if she is chasing you or even near you or if she's after someone else.