The Goddess Bunny
Sandie Crisp
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Type Chaser
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Origin 'The Goddess Bunny/Obey the Walrus
Map(s) Any
Theme song Itsy Bitsy Spider (Distorted version)
Partners None
Stunnable? No

Johnnie Baima (also known as the Goddess Bunny or Sandie Crisp) is a boss on Slender Fortress.


Johnnie Baima, suffered sexual abuse as a child, already entered adulthood, he decided to become a drag queen and change its name to "The Goddess Bunny" with which gained popularity in the hermaphrodite subculture and transgender Hollywood . After will suffer from polio , he was negligent and irresponsible treatment by doctors who implanted a steel rod that extends from the upper to the bottom of his spine in order to strengthen it , which affected their position and stopped its growth. Still has not withdrawn his back.

Later in the year 1986 , he worked as a model photographer Joel-Peter Witkin performing an artistic nude for photographic work Leda , held in Los Angeles , and was presented at the world's major exhibitions. Following the filming of the Goddess Bunny , he joined a newly released from prison, ex - con named Rocky. He lived for a while in a trailer home with him and his mother, who was a Christian believer. However, he had to end their relationship because of domestic abuse by her partner. Baima, after becoming Drag Queen, the name was changed to "Sandie Crisp" to attract fame in his career transvestites.

In Slender FortressEdit

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