Hollow Bastion
Environment Colossal castle
Boss(es) Heartless
Oogie Boogie
Captain Hook
Goals Hollow Bastion

Reach to the castle, and then find Ansem's Reports.
You have successfully collects all of Ansem's Reports! Now, reach to the Dark Depths to seal the Keyhole.

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Hollow Bastion is a map in Slender Fortress.


Hollow Bastion is a colossal castle that towers above the rest of its world, Radiant Garden. At one point, it was the only remaining part of the world, along with the waterways beneath it. Because of this, the world itself was known as "Hollow Bastion" in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and most of Kingdom Hearts II. However, it regains its original name of Radiant Garden by the end of Kingdom Hearts II, when Tron used his powers to show what the world was like before its destruction.

The RED team must collect all of Ansem's Reports, then escape to the Dark Depths.


The RED team enter Hollow Bastion at the Rising Falls, appropriately named as there are waterfalls that run up instead of down. Jumping on mystical floating rocks and ledges takes the party to the first of many magical platforms that are scattered throughout the castle. The platform takes the RED team to the Castle Gates, the main entrance of Hollow Bastion which is made up of a set of balconies and lifts running outside the castle. From here, the party can travel down into the underground water system or enter the castle itself.

Going down the nearby platform or leaping off the edge of the balcony takes the party to Base Level, an area full of ledges, switches, and enemies. Successfully climbing to the balcony near the entrance earns extra treasures, while taking a nearby bubble carries them to the Waterway, where a series of gates, switches, and bubbles must be navigated to operate the castle gate controls. Off of the Waterway is a small room, the Dungeon.

Going through the doors at the other end of the Castle Gates area takes the party to the massive two-level Entrance Hall, where a fight against Riku takes place. To continue onwards through the castle the puzzle at the end of the hall must be solved; solved, it allows access to the second half of the Castle Gates. Taking the left door in the Entrance Hall leads the party to Library, also the site of a large puzzle involving organizing misplaced books. Also accessible from the Library is the first of many entrances to the Lift Stop, a series of magic lifts separated by mystical barriers. The ceiling of the Lift Stop is decorated like the stained glass that characterizes the Station of Awakening.

Continuing up the castle by taking the lift on the other side of the Castle Gates area is the Great Crest (an enormous Heartless emblem), where the largest of the magic lifts is located. After a long and slow journey across the front of the bastion, the party is dropped on the other side, where they can take the Lift Stop to the next area, the High Tower, where a smaller crest can be moved to create a way up to the upper levels of the castle. Through the Lift Stop at the opposite end of the High Tower is the entrance to the Castle Chapel, where the exit to the next room is sealed until you successfully collected all Ansem's Reports. There is also a secret area, where the Dragon and Xemnas are fought.

Once the seal is broken, the party arrives in the Grand Hall, where the Princesses of Heart are held captive and the Keyhole to Darkness forms. Inside the Grand Hall is a Heartless Emblem-shaped portal leading to a small dimension known as the Dark Depths. Here, the RED team must fight off the Behemoth guarding the Keyhole from being sealed.

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