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Intro  ???
Type Giant Chaser
Signs of nearing  ???
Origin One Night at Flumpty's 2
Map(s) Flumpty's House
Theme song  ???
Partners Flumpty Bumpty, Birthday Boy Blam, The Owl, Redman, Grunkfuss The Clown, Golden Flumpty
Stunnable? No

The Eyesaur is a boss in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

The Eyesaur just appears as a group of eyes, twenty eyes and ten heads, in a darkened pit in the ground before it activates. Once it emerges, it reveals itself. The Eyesaur's many eyes are revealed to be from individual heads. It has a dinosaur like body (hence its name) and has what appears to be a tail made of hands on CAM 6.Eyesaur comes into the office from the left only showing its head, when it comes in all of its eyes move around similar to googly eyes. Its body appears to be made of skinless flesh. If The Player completes Hard-Boiled Mode, a newspaper article will appear. It is revealed in the newspaper article that the Eyesaur is made up of the corpses of those who failed the "hide-and-seek game", and that it was created by Flumpty Bumpty and co.

In Slender Fortress Edit

The Eyesaur is a big jumpscaring boss, it can't be stubbable until it has a lot of eyes.

Gallery Edit