Bus Driver
Intro (Start To 0:14)
Type Grace Chaser/Static Chaser/Bleeder Hybrid
Signs of nearing Static, Bus driver's voice
Map(s) Special
Theme song (Thats Honestly Up to the devs (Please do
Partners Clones Made by boss
Stunnable? No

Bus Driver is Yet to be an boss in Slender Fortress.

Appearance: Edit

Bus Driver has what seems to be an Police Cap with no decal colored black, he has white socks and black shoes along with a tie.

Description: Edit

Bus Driver is an Bus Driver that is responsible for compacting and crushing Pokemon in an bus.

In Slender Fortress: Edit

Bus Driver is a Static Chaser that has hurts the player on touch, the bleeding cannot be stopped and slowly kills the player (now victim) while an noise of an loud garbage compactor plays. while the noise plays, the boss will not do anything and instead duplicates itself, and the clone will teleport somewhere in the map and the clone will act like the boss.The clone goes away when the noise stops.

How To Survive: Edit

All Players should stay away from each other and the boss. A scout is recommended because the scout's sprinting speed is faster than the boss speed as the boss is faster than other classes' sprinting speed.