Intro "Stout Shako for two refined!"
Type Chaser
Signs of nearing Quotes
Origin The New Face of TF2
Map(s) Special boss
Theme song DemoDemoPan
Partners None
Stunnable? No

Demopan is a boss in Slender Fortress.


The Demopan fad originates from a Steam User Forums thread titled "The New Face of TF2". The thread contained a Deathcam shot featuring the Demoman (as seen to the right). It quickly became a fad as the screenshot spread across the Team Fortress 2 community. The Demopan, with the name "STOUT SHAKO FOR 2 REFINED", is the BLU Demoman equipped with the Frying Pan, Chargin' Targe, Bounty Hat and Dangeresque, Too?. Several other images were made with the cutout of the Demopan to continue the fad, such as the Demopan with an explosion and a cutout of the Demopan in the Deathcam. A user on YouTube with the account name SpawnThemAll has created a video that spoofs Meet the Demoman, featuring crudely cutout images of the Demopan's face and items over top of the Demoman and his weapons whilst using audio mashup content to change certain lines of dialogue.

In Slender FortressEdit

Demopan appeared on Slender Fortress. It would be difficult and confusing when you're or someone playing as a Demoman. Demopan whack you with his pan and the screen is covered with Demopan wants to trade with you, and turned into a Stout Shako.



  • "Stout Shako for 2 refined!"
  • "Thanks mate!"
  • "I hope I did't scare you with my face-to-face panface!"
  • "Ya bleeding idiot!"