Curly Brace
Intro n/a
Type Ranged
Signs of nearing N/A
Origin Cave Story
Map(s) Any
Theme song {{{theme song}}}
Partners Colons (discontinued)
Stunnable? yes

Curly brace is a ranged boss concept made by Blastertronus and a major protagonist of Cave story

Description Edit

Curly Brace is a protagonist of Cave Story. She, like Quote, is a soldier robot who was sent to the Island to destroy the dark power hidden there. Like Quote, she can field a wide variety of weapons without any special training, and can withstand incredible amounts of damage. Unlike Quote, Curly has an energy shield that raises automatically to defend her from missile weapons, essentially making her immune to them. She wears a short tank top, baggy cargo pants that stop at her shins, and short combat boots. Like Quote, she has antenna/headphone-like "ears" attached to her head. She has white "skin", long blonde hair and blue eyes.

In Slender fortress Edit