Christian Brutal Sniper
Christian Brutal Sniper
Intro The Millionaire's Holiday playing and Christian Brutal Sniper saying "It's like Christmas morning..."
Type Chaser
Signs of nearing Quotes
Origin Christian Brutal Sniper
Map(s) Special boss
Theme song The Millionaire's Holiday
Partners Gentlespy
Stunnable? No

Christian Brutal Sniper is a boss in Slender Fortress.


Christian Brutal Sniper was once a RED Sniper working at 2fort, until members of BLU Team kidnapped him and tortured the Sniper until his death. The dead corpse was presumably buried by a RED Spy, a friend of his. However, Christian's hand emerged from the grave, and got away with his friend. The duo arrived at a place filled with various melee weapons and some firearms, an arsenal Chirstian Brutal Sniper and his friend used to relentlessly kill the same BLU members who had killed him in the past. While finishing off the last member of the team, a BLU Spy, who was disguised as the RED Spy, knocked Christian out and tied him to the chair before burning the place to the ground, along with himself. As the place burned, the real RED Spy managed to save Christian Brutal Sniper from the flames. This event would mark the beginning of his gruesome acts. Christian Brutal Sniper then wandered around the world torturing and murdering as most victims as possible, continually getting blood on the RED Spy's suit. He encounted various other TF2 Monsters which he apparently killed with little effort. He eventually met another relentless, smooth killer, Gentlespy. After both mutilating a BLU Spy, they became friends as Gentlespy was gifted a Kunai by Christian.

In Slender FortressEdit

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Christian Brutal Sniper recently chases the player while wielding a one-handed greatswords and axes like small knives and dismember people in just one swing. He somewhat deal more damages to the players. It is kinda very difficult if it's CBS saying if someone playing as Sniper.


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  • "*Chuckles* ...It's like Christmas morning."
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