Armored Werewolf is a boss in Slender Fortress.

Armored Werewolf
Intro None
Type Hybrid
Signs of nearing Chris Walker's breathing
Origin YouTube
Map(s) Outside World
Theme song I Bring The Darkness
Partners Vandar Lamar



Sloppy Mitchell

Mr. Rookie


Stunnable? No

Description Edit

Armored Werewolf is a TF2 YouTuber who mainly does Trade Plaza Randomness and Slender Fortress videos. He runs a group known as AWN and hopes of becoming a big YouTuber

The character of Armored is a hybrid werewolf. Armed with 2 Samurai Edge handguns and a katana, he travels across multiple worlds to defend from the Dark Mass. He stands at 7'9, 390 Ibs, and is over 7,041 years old (over the life expectancy of hybrid werewolves).

He also has robotic implants on his torso, along with a robotic eye and prosthetic right arm. He also has a lot of masochistic traits including watching My Little Pony G3 and playing on Glubbable's servers.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Armored is a hybrid between a range and survival chaser. He shoots you with the samurai edge handguns for 50 Damage and an instant kill with the katana.