An Allosaurus is a boss in Slender Fortress

Description Edit

An Allosaurus is a dinosaur in the ARK:Survival Evolved universe based on it's real life counterpart. The Allosaurus stands at unknown size however it is most likely 15 ft or below. Allosaurs are able to hold their own against the other creatures of the ARK and is a stealthy predator

In Slender Fortress Edit

The Allosaurus is a Giant and Chaser Hybrid in boss Pack 17 and does 125 damage on hit. However due to the type it is an insta kill. When Moving Heavy Footsteps will echo in that area so on large maps like Hydro or Arizona you might not hear it coming. Even on Normal the Allosaurus is incredibly fast as it's speed is 1% lower than the Raptors speed on normal. The Allosaurus is able to track players down by hearing voice commands however it can easily be hidden from. The Allosaurus is also highly  persistent for it's size and isn't stunnable. The Allosaurus will use it's model from ARK:Survival Evolved

Trivia Edit

The Model of the Allosaurus was utilized from ARK:Survival Evolved